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About Ricky.

Ricky Browne was born April 6th 1977, he has a wife and a son.

Ricky was diagnosed with mental illness in 2001, around the same time he became a prophet. Ricky got pro-active about recovering from issues relating to his (at the time) poorly managed condition after he hit rock bottom in 2012 and has been on a recovery journey ever since. Ricky now enjoys a happy and fulfilling life despite his diagnosis.

Ricky is a high functioning schizophrenic that likes to spend his time in somewhat productive and sometimes useful ways, mostly in the digital realm. He makes a living designing websites for people along with money he gets from the government for being crazy and shit.


Ricky Nolan Browne smoking a pipe. 2017
Ricky Nolan Browne smoking a pipe. 2017