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At 42, Ricky is just getting started. Let the journey begin!

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Ricky Nolan Browne

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πŸ€ Somebody had to be me. Might as well be me! – Charles Barkley

Ricky Nolan Browne was born April 6th 1977. He has a wife, a son and a kid on the way.

Ricky was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2001 (around the same time he became a prophet, coincidentally). Ricky got pro-active about recovering from issues relating to his (at the time) poorly managed condition after he hit rock bottom in 2012 and has been on a recovery journey ever since. Ricky now enjoys a happy and fulfilling life despite his diagnosis.

Ricky is a high functioning schizophrenic that likes to spend his time in productive and sometimes useful ways, mostly in the digital realm. He makes a living designing websites, along with money he gets from the government for being crazy and shit.

Mission Statement.


Goal: To help people (myself included) gain a clearer picture of the world, how it works and how it could work, how we are and how we could be, looking at both the world and the individual.

Focus: A meta-cognitive (how we think about thinking) approach to what motivates our own actions and those of others.

Outcomes: Cutting through the noise and helping people gain the insights necessary to point themselves to solutions to the problems we all face on a personal and global level by making what is hidden, seen.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Personal Motto Do the right thing!

Vision statementGrow in influence and make a difference in peoples lives.

Strengths: Self-improvement, truth/seeking, brain storming, pattern recognition, humour, light-heartedness, video editing, taxonomy, ideation, honesty, speech writing, and aptitudes in various digital technologies.

Side Hussles: Web Design / Funny Videos & Comedy Writing / Content for locals living in Dubbo / Interviews / Board Game Creation / Poetry / eBooks / Web Series / Image Editing / Photography / Short Films / Designing Tees / Break Dancing

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

The Struggling Artist.

OnΒ Writing

Ricky learned to write at school, most of his early writing was crap because like most kids he was ignorant and stupid. He had early success with a really short story called β€œRicky by Ant” and later in high school for a four-page booklet called β€œThe big note under the door”, which was thrown out by his mother as it included illustrations of a pair of mosquitos engaging in fourplay. Ricky wasn’t a good reader in his younger years and avoided it whenever possible. He read 3 or 4 novels while at school and after high school his only reading was computer magazines, he started reading regularly when he got dial-up internet. While Ricky’s writing has improved, he has had periods where he wasted a lot of time thinking about writing but put so much pressure on himself, he could not produce. He has since realised his limitations and finds it easier to write his bullshit nobody wants to read.

On Art & Design

Although Ricky enjoyed art in school and did pretty good in art class, he had no interest in pursuing it as a career. Ricky wanted to be a comedian and assumed that he would just have to act like a fool 24/7 and somehow by osmosis, he would be discovered. This never happened so Ricky decided to be the next Mark Zuckerburger, at a time when Facebook didn’t exist. What happened while following this pursuit, Ricky signed up to a web design course in order to create the next big thing and actually learned how to make dinky HTML websites for other people.

While pursuing his goals of world domination, his course also led him to learn how to design graphics on the computer, leading him full circle back to the whole art thing.

Has he improved much over time? That’s debatable, but he has at least stopped using the glow tool all the time and has moved on from the font β€˜Bank Gothic’.

On Illustration

Ricky N Browne never had the hand coordination or creativity to be a great illustrator, this, however, has not stopped him from giving it a red hot go. Ricky started out drawing dicks as a kid and has progressed ever so slowly from there.

He recently purchased a cheap electronic illustration tablet which has renewed his interest in the drawing.

On Humour

Ricky N Browne’s old mantra was β€œMake them laugh, at any cost”. Ricky is a changed man these days, with a mantra more along the lines of β€œGet off my lawn,” Ricky got laughs at an early age, which made him decide to become someone who was looking for the funny in every situation, no matter its appropriateness. Ricky has since grown into a crotchety old man who cares little for this sort of shenanigans and tomfoolery.

On Achievements

Ricky has yet to win the Order of Australia Medal, an Oscar, a Logie, a Bafta, the Medal of Honour, Australian of the Year, or even a free Paddle Pop from a Streets Paddle Pop Licker Prize. You name it and Ricky hasn’t won it. Ricky has however received various Certificates for Courses he completed including the odd First Aid Certificate. Ricky also has a certificate of his almost spotless police record, except for a mention of his license disqualification for drinking and driving. Ricky’s certificates can be found here. Among Ricky Nolan Browne’s achievements was a play he was part of (Circa. 2014) called β€˜Away’ which he performed with the Wesley Players where he was able to remember over half of his lines.


Guardians Pledge: To protect life for life and from life

Guardians Mission: To create and disseminate a cogent argument on the utility, purpose and benefits of axioms which protect life and allow for flourshing, while improving on, adding to and testing these axioms and also to rail against and uncover false or inferior axioms.

🐼 How can I support Ricky?

Ricky has big plans (Check out Ricky’s mission), you can help him achieve his dream in some small part by doing one or more of the following:

You can support Ricky by sharing his content on social media, by emailing him your feedback to hi@rik.bz or you can support Ricky’s projects by making a one off donation of any amount at Paypal.me/rickynbrowneΒ or https://ko-fi.com/rickynbrowne

You can also support Ricky by liking his Facebook Pages below or following Ricky on other social and video platforms listed below.

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Ricky's Latest Projects Update


Nearly finished my site (This site) after starting to rebuild it late last year. Nearly ready to start churning out content, I've got one website to finish building for my brother in law. My goal was to be at this stage at the end of the financial year. Can't wait to start writing and making videos instead of designing websites. Last month I declared on Facebook I'm not taking on any new clients, rather than shut down my web design business I've tripled the price so it's in line with other web…

🍀 Projects Update Log

Expecting your destiny with come to you! – The Fairytale Trap

This video describes the outcomes you can expect if you think that you are special and everything in life is just going to fall into your lap. And what you can expect if you work hard, and meet your destiny halfway!

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πŸ”οΈ Project Galleries

Photo galleries of Ricky's art, design and building projects.

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✍🏻 Writing on Medium.com

Ricky has started adding his longer-form writing to Medium.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

🎧 Ricky’s Early Audio Attempts

Ricky has dipped his toe in the podcasting water a few times, this page contains those recordings plus various accoutrement.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

🍌 Best Medicine Comedy

If laughter is the best medicine, Best Medicine Comedy just might cure heart disease or scoliosis, it certainly helped with my irritable bowel. Come and be healed by the unclassy Aussie comedy of natural comedy healer Ricky N Browne.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

❀️ Ricky’s Favourite Things!

This list is chock full of items Ricky swears by. Some you can get on eBay, others can be only found at Aldi. The list includes some great gift ideas!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

πŸ¦’ Web & Interface Design Portfolio

Ricky has been building websites professionally since 2008.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

🧾 Taxing Poetic

Ricky has written poetry in a range of genres from heartfelt words, to bush ballads to funny limericks and NSFW rap lyrics.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

🍟 Branding Portfolio

Ricky doesn't look for work of this kind because he knows there are plenty of designers and branding specialist locally and online that can do a far better job than he can.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

🎀 Ricky’s Sing Along Fun Time

Ricky can't sing to save his life, but Rick doesn't let his shortcomings hold him back. Some of these tracks are pretty terrible quality with a lot of noise but you might find plenty to laugh at.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

πŸ“· Digital Art & Photography Portfolio

Ricky has recently taken a photography course so he could learn how to use his digital camera more effectively, part of the course was also manipulating images in photoshop, this has renewed his interest in photo-imaging from when he did a digitals arts course in 2002.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

πŸ“Ί Ricky Nolan Browne’s Favourite Youtube Videos

Video's Ricky has watched and found interesting and/or informative on Youtube.

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That feeling

The fan on with the doona pulled up
Ankle scratches and earbuds
A hot shower in winter
Your first beer on a hot afternoon
A piss with a full bladder
Red cordial hungover
Rest after work
The release of a new season of your favourite show
Finishing a project
The high after exercise
Competing with friends
Spending quality time with someone you love
A certain type of intimacy
Hugs and kisses
The right song at the right time
Good food
Waking up fresh
Finding a solution to a problem
Letting go
Washed and showered, teeth clean
Laying in the soft cool grass on a warm day
A nod, a wink or a smile
Going to bed tired and hitting the pillow
A good chat
A deep and meaningful conversation
The feeling that everything is ok.

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, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Google Home

I have three Google Home's in my house, they are great, even if you just use them as a cooking timer they are fantastic devices.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

6477 Flexfit Blank Caps

I've worn these caps for years, good shape, good colours, no stupid advertising or logos, no straps, easy to curve, not flat brim. ***** 5Stars

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Cologne – Jimmy Choo (Man)

I don't wear cologne every day, but when I do I use Jimmy Choo, Man!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Mens Closed-Toe Sandals

If you've got manky little hobbit feet like mine, closed toe sandals are for you. Really, who wants to see toes. I recommend you get a pair, it was good enough for Jesus!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

KEJI 64 Page Blank Scrapbooks (70cents)

If I'm working on a project I'll print out info from the web or what I've written down (Ideas, Lists, How-To's, Examples, Inspiration) and use these scrapbooks to stick it all together.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Youtube Audio Library

Need music or sound effects for your videos, using the youtube audio library will ensure no-one can claim copyright on your video.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Chrome Plugin – Full Page Screen Capture

This will screen capture the whole webpage and spit it out as an image or PDF. Very handy!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

ALDI – Dentitex Sensitive Plus Whitening Toothpaste 110g

The only sensitive toothpaste you can buy under $7000, it's available at Aldi and works great.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Google Keep

A great little tool you can access across platforms, write notes, paste info from your browser, make to-do lists. Keep is an essential part of my day!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Online Screen Recorder

A great way to record what in your browser or on your computer without downloading a software application.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

AUS Google Trends

Interesting insights into the Australian zeitgeist!

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

English Breakfast Tea 50 pack

Love my English Breakfast! It's a strong brew, so I'll get that extra kick I need.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne


I have sleep apnea so I can get this with a script, you can't get it legally otherwise, but there are plenty of overseas sites that you can buy it through if you know how to pay with cryptocurrency. Without Modafinil I wouldn't get half as much done, it keeps me alert and focused for longer without making me jittery.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne

Zoho Invoice

I pay $70 a month and it handles all my expenses, timesheets and client invoices.

, Ricky Nolan Browne, πŸ”΄ Ricky Nolan Browne


I’ve got myself a copy, haven’t had a chance to play it but some say it’s better for than the original, and one that even an eight-year-old can enjoy!

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