28 Recommended Apps Ricky can’t live without!

DISCLAIMER: Some of Ricky’s recommendations contain affiliate links. This means if you purchase an item after clicking on it from this page and it is an affiliate link Ricky he will receive a small commission from that purchase.


Grammarly is great, everyone is using it and if your not you’re in trouble. I used it in writing this sentence, I said “your” instead of “you’re”. It’s a must have even if you only use the free version like me.

The Guardian (Left Leaning News)

The guardian is a news source that advocates for life, not for themselves or for their group.

ShowBox Media App

Put Showbox on your phone and watch the latest movies. It takes a bit to install but if you can’t afford to fork out for movies and TV it’s a fair option.

Online Screen Recorder

A great way to record what in your browser or on your computer without downloading a software application.

Google Photos

Google Photos is the best way to store your photos and videos online, you can select to have them all up in the cloud for free just by allowing Google to compress the files so they don’t take up as much disk space, A great deal!

Wordmark.it Fonts Selection

A great way to decide which font to use with your branding, it’s a web app the displays a word or sentence in all the different fonts located on your computer.


I do my Christmas shopping on eBay, along with getting all my tech gear and board games from there because I know I’ll get the best price.

AUS Google Trends

Interesting insights into the Australian zeitgeist!

Tube Buddy

If your planning on getting good traction on Youtube Tube Buddy just might be the web app for you! I use it myself, there is a free version and a paid version which is very reasonable for what you get.

Facebook Free Audio Library

A great place to find sound stock and music for your videos without having to pay or credit an artist.


If you have your own domain name and want a free mail service using that domain, ZOHO is the ticket, it’s what I use and I have all the power of Gmail, use my own domain and ZOHO doesn’t charge me a cent for it.

Zoho Invoice

I pay $70 a month and it handles all my expenses, timesheets and client invoices.

Movie Selection Helper

Great way to pick a show if you’re just not sure what to watch.

Chrome Plugin – Wayback Machine

If you have this plugin installed and come across a webpage that no longer exists, it will take you to a copy of it on the internet archive.

Wondershare Filmora (Video Editor)

If you can’t afford Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, Filmora is the ticket, it’s cheap, easy to learn yet plenty of tools to create something special.

Chrome Plugin – Full Page Screen Capture

This will screen capture the whole webpage and spit it out as an image or PDF. Very handy!


This will install all the much-loved software applications that are available for free on the internet all at once, including free anti-viruses and alternatives to Microsoft Office, just select what you want and the app will install it all.

Youtube Audio Library

Need music or sound effects for your videos, using the youtube audio library will ensure no-one can claim copyright on your video.


Possibly my favourite site on the internet for education and entertainment.

Psychology Today – Article Website / Magazine

Psychology Today is chock full of articles to help you grow and understand yourself better.

Adobe Spark

Makes simple videos plus is a great way to make graphics for social media and for print. I love it! I pay $15/month, although you can get it for free if you don’t mind their branding,

Google Keep

A great little tool you can access across platforms, write notes, paste info from your browser, make to-do lists. Keep is an essential part of my day!


Blinkist is a great way to absorb useful and relevant information if you just aren’t inclined to listen to or read a whole book, let alone pay for the pleasure. It takes whole books, condenses them down to the core insights and gives it to you in a manageable package. Read or Listen to one a night and it will open up your whole world. Worth the price!

US Google Trends

Want to tap into the hivemind of America? Google Trends is a good place to start!


If you have a lot of info you need to organise and categorise this web app is amazing, the phone and tablet versions are shit. I love this app I organise my projects and life with it. ***** 5Stars


I don’t spend as much time on Reddit as I used to but it’s a great site especially which you pick your own subreddits.

Google News

Google News is a great News aggregator and if you have a Google account it will know your interest because they know everything about you, lol! The app version is great.


This is a great way to make text-based memes.

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