Update: Podcast & New Books

In January I planned to write a speech about my 2020 vision for the world, but once I started writing, I felt uncomfortable about the project and out of my depth. So I abandoned the project and moved onto making recordings of my thoughts, I’ve since uploaded them to Anchor.FM where I host my podcast, which had lay dormant up until now. In February I moved onto finishing 5 small books I wanted to publish.

One was a children’s book that kids can also colour in. I used Fiverr for the illustrations and am proud of the result. I also put all my best poetry into a book. 21 poems in all, and dedicated it to my Mum. I did three other silly books, one a short story, another advice from the perspective of a guy that can’t write well, and the other was a compilation of some of my funny works I didn’t have a home for, which I dedicated to my sister Miranda.

I plan on sending these books to friends and family and giving them as gifts. Along with creating a page for them on my website, which I’m currently working on. My first print run was small, just a few of each book, but will be printing more soon. I hope to have a further five books published by Christmas, this task is well underway. The writing is mostly completed but there is plenty to do before they go to print.  

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