A children’s book with a difference!

Timmy’s favourite pants

Timmy loves his bright green pants. When they tear, mum buys him a blue pair. Timmy is not at all happy with his new pants, leading to the story’s endpoint where Timmy refuses to wear any pants at all, and everyone can see Timmy’s bare bum. On top of being a storybook, the pages are made to be coloured in. The book includes questions at the end, for children to practice their recall of all the events that took place in the story.

This project started as a poem, on the suggestion of my father in law, I’ve taken the time to turn it into a cheeky little children’s book. I used Fiver.com for the illustrations and laid the book out using Microsoft Publisher, and used Amazon.com for printing and distribution.

I adopted the pen name Pennelope Pendragon so I could differentiate this book from my for-adult publishing projects and will use this name on future children’s book projects.

So far the feedback has been positive. If you have a child or grandchild or want something to give your nephews and nieces for their birthday, please consider purchasing this colouring/story book.

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