My sister Natalie’s kids have all went through phases in their teens where they have worn Fedoras. The hat with a brim so small it only covers have a person’s nose from the sun.

I don’t know whether they have felt wearing fedoras is appropriate because of their mum’s views on the hat. Or whether it’s something in their DNA that has expressed itself in such a way to make them feel that a fedora is appropriate for these modern times.

While many kids are rocking the curved brim baseball cap as they should at such an age. Some feel it appropriate to keep the brim unbent. Maybe these people have the same expression in their gene’s that have put them on such a dark path.

I have held my tongue these many years and watched as fedora wearers have sprung up in my own gene pool. I have stayed quiet hoping they would realise their own folly before the hat became more that a wrong choice of clothing, but a culture to rally around. One comprised of outcasts living on the fringes of mainstream sensible society.

Have a done too little. I blame myself. How could I have let this go on when doing anything rather than nothing would have been more appropriate. Is rehabilitation even possible for these members of the fold. It seems unlikely. I’m sorry boys that I have let you down and pray you turn from your wicked ways.


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