🍌 Best Medicine Comedy

⚠ Fun Fact: Ricky was born with a lump on his back. The lump was his malformed brother Darryl. Darryl was removed in 1984 and now resides in a jar of formaldehyde kept in pride of place on Ricky’s “happy” shelf between a model of a B-52 bomber he painted himself and the skull-bone of a crow he found at the cemetery.


Welcome to Best Medicine Comedy by certified natural holistic comedy healer Ricky Nolan Browne

If laughter is the best medicine, Best Medicine Comedy just might cure heart disease or scoliosis, it certainly helped with my irritable bowel. Come and be healed by the unclassy Aussie comedy of natural comedy healer Ricky Nolan Browne.

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Privacy Policy: Ricky is a vault, your myriad of secrets are safe with him. His former best friend once wacked of a goat while on crystal meth, Ricky has never mentioned this to anyone despite the fact that it’s a pretty interesting piece of gossip.