I was born in Condobolin
In the New South of Whales
Where old men were bigots
And told wicked tales
I'd end up in Dubbo
The place of the Rams
On the same rust red dirt
On the same sacred land
It was 90% whites there and 10% Blacks
We'd patronise Koori's
Then tell jokes to their backs
They'd get a raw deal wherever they go
I learned all the jokes
Retold like a pro
I could have sold tickets and put on a show
I could spread all that hate
And make some good dough
90% racist, I said terrible things
But I got the big laughs
So I chalked them up to wins
I got punched in the head
Twice by Black Fellas
Fucken' black cunts
They were all fucken' jealous
And violent to add
which proved the white fella's views
That the blacks were all problems
And they had no excuse
But the world was a-changin'
For better, not worse
I learned of the truth
Of the black fella's curse
They were under white thumbs
Wherever they went
And I'd stay part of the problem
If I stayed in the tent
With the racist and bigots
And know all white men
I can no longer sit there
And try to pretend
That my actions weren't hurting
That black 10%
All the Koori's I'd shit on
At the white man's defence
I was the problem
Along with my mob
It was their land we trod on
It was their land we flogged
And to add insult to injury
I made all those jokes
At the expense of the proud Indigenous folk
I deserved those two punches
The punishment was light
Now I say, my black brothers
I'll take up the fight
For the cause of a people
The Indigenous Plight
A redeemed yobbo racist
Who admits he were wrong
I'm sorry my brothers, so I put it in song
- Ricky N Browne