Grow up, overcome and be happy.

Harsh lessons I had to learn in order to grow up, overcome my past and be happy.


You are safe.
You are loved.
You are listened to.
You are understood.
You are worth it.
Be Strong. Because you can.


When all is lost
And all have refused
The world is potential
With nothing to lose
All to gain
Without fear or doubt
No longer the victim
Your whispers will shout
For freedom comes when you finally let go
To the lies of your image
and the deceit that was sown
And you stand among-st men
With chin pitched horizontal
A man touched by life
Who learned his own moral
As you reach out your hand to shake on another
And too easily smile
For you see your own brother
And you embrace the old lady
Who knows what she knows
And you what you know
And you know she's your mother
And you bend down to your knee
Embracing one who is smaller
And you know by her eyes that she is your own daughter.

#POEM #POETRY - Ricky Nolan Browne

I want

I want to hear, I want to know, I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to play, I want to sow, I want to read, I want the flow, I want the truth, I want to know.


Hope is Good
Truth is Good
Don't take hope
Don't fucking lie
Lying is corrupted data
Spreading lies means people are walking around with corrupted data
Truth is not bad
Truth is not ugly
Truth is reality
Learn about people
And you learn about yourself
Learn from people who don't use truth as a baseline corrupts your mind
Narrative thinkers build on what they believe
Narrative thinkers don't let in ideas that conflict with their beliefs
Narrative thinkers are lawyers
They argue their case
Twist truth for their case
They distort reality and the world
Critical Thinkers are scientists
They don't make truth black and white, Good and Evil
They seek truth
They know they don't know
Because that is the truth
They add and remove
Hope is necessary
Stop shitting on this world
For something, you don't fucking know
But you spread it like it's the only thing
Fucking lies corrupt
We are divided because you turned a belief into a certainty
and it's not
Thousands of books to expand your mind
And make you less ignorant
Don't choose just one
Or only books related to just one
You have something to offer the world
Don't marginalize what you offer
Which is an antidote to some modern problems
All so you can say it's all true, it's all true
Fucking lies
Be part of the whole or fuck off
Your not helping