Grow up, overcome and be happy.

Harsh lessons I had to learn in order to grow up, overcome my past and be happy.

That feeling

The fan on with the doona pulled up
Ankle scratches and earbuds
A hot shower in winter
Your first beer on a hot afternoon
A piss with a full bladder
Red cordial hungover
Rest after work
The release of a new season of your favourite show
Finishing a project
The high after exercise
Competing with friends
Spending quality time with someone you love
A certain type of intimacy
Hugs and kisses
The right song at the right time
Good food
Waking up fresh
Finding a solution to a problem
Letting go
Washed and showered, teeth clean
Laying in the soft cool grass on a warm day
A nod, a wink or a smile
Going to bed tired and hitting the pillow
A good chat
A deep and meaningful conversation
The feeling that everything is ok.

Happy Soon

Something is missing in my life
Maybe I need more ram
Maybe I need a high capacity solid-state drive
Maybe I need the latest processor
I might as well just get a new laptop
But I can only afford a mid-range laptop
Maybe I need to get a loan
Yeah that's what I need
I'll be happy then
So happy!