That feeling

The fan on with the doona pulled up
Ankle scratches and earbuds
A hot shower in winter
Your first beer on a hot afternoon
A piss with a full bladder
Red cordial hungover
Rest after work
The release of a new season of your favourite show
Finishing a project
The high after exercise
Competing with friends
Spending quality time with someone you love
A certain type of intimacy
Hugs and kisses
The right song at the right time
Good food
Waking up fresh
Finding a solution to a problem
Letting go
Washed and showered, teeth clean
Laying in the soft cool grass on a warm day
A nod, a wink or a smile
Going to bed tired and hitting the pillow
A good chat
A deep and meaningful conversation
The feeling that everything is ok.

Lizzy Browne

I love you totally
I'd never use Kung Fu on you
You taste better than chicken
You're more tender than an 18 hour allow cooked prime rib
Your eyes see into my soul and tell me "Be better"
Your hugs are like a warm shower when you have a fever
Your attitude is appropriate for most situations
Even your spotty legs are good
You are the pinnacle of Elizabeth's
I love every moment
With you

Life 2017

The TV is boring.
The Internet is boring.
Outside is boring.
My projects are boring.
My life is boring.
The only things I want to do in the world is to watch Rick and Morty with my Son or being curled up in bed next to my wife. Both of which I can’t do.
I am bored.
I am depressed.

Seperated (2017)

I feel heartache over my wife.

I feel isolated and unloved.

I feel bored.

I feel listless and discontent.

I feel rudderless and stuck.

I feel lost.

I feel angry at my wife.

I feel lonely.

I feel colenmelly.

I feel depressed.