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Farmers fed up with looking after livestock!

Devonshire tea just called tea in Devonshire

Fat people stop being picked on in movie, arseholes protest online!

Guy from 60’s bases self-worth on how far he can walk without shoes!

Study finds tough guys doing it tough in modern climate!

Right-wing ultra-nationalist declares β€œlove is gay!”

Worrying study says teenage boys less worried about how well they can fight!

Silverback Gorilla denies having sex with underage Seagulls. Gorilla calls for Royal Commission into big fat liars!

In a strange turn off events, Daryl Braithwaite gives Sarah Jessica Parker a horsey ride.

Expecting your destiny with come to you! - The Fairytale Trap

This video describes the outcomes you can expect if you think that you are special and everything in life is just going to fall into your lap. And what you can expect if you work hard, and meet your destiny halfway!