Expecting your destiny with come to you! - The Fairytale Trap

This video describes the outcomes you can expect if you think that you are special and everything in life is just going to fall into your lap. And what you can expect if you work hard, and meet your destiny halfway!

Grow up, overcome and be happy.

Harsh lessons I had to learn in order to grow up, overcome my past and be happy.

🍌 Best Medicine Comedy

Best Medicine Comedy...

🍌 Unclassy Aussie Comedy

🍌 Unclassy Aussie Comedy

Welcome to Best Medicine Comedy
by certified natural holistic comedy healer Ricky N Browne

If laughter is the best medicine, Best Medicine Comedy just might cure heart disease or scoliosis, it certainly helped with my irritable bowel. Come and be healed by the unclassy Aussie comedy of natural comedy healer Ricky N Browne.

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