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English Breakfast Tea 50 pack

Love my English Breakfast! It's a strong brew, so I'll get that extra kick I need.

Akubra “Western Plains” Hat is made exclusively for Blowes Clothing.

Just purchased this Akubra for $160. Love it! The Western Plains is a true classic, this rugged and high-quality hat is made of 100% pure Australian-made rabbit felt, and features a pinched crown, 83mm brim, and satin lining.

Google Home

I have three Google Home's in my house, they are great, even if you just use them as a cooking timer they are fantastic devices.

Cologne – Jimmy Choo (Man)

I don't wear cologne every day, but when I do I use Jimmy Choo, Man!


This is a perla of a little card game. Well worth the money and with the โ€œImploding Kittensโ€ expansion pack you can have even more fun! **** 4 Stars

Smart Ass – Board Game

My Father-inLaw has this game and I absolutely enjoy playing it, I'm not good at it but it is heaps of fun. If you're good at trivia you'll love it too.

Cheap Finger LED’s

Great for light art photography.


If youโ€™ve got โ€œExploding Kittensโ€ I recommend the expansion pack to spice up the game! **** 4.5 Stars

HP Metal Clip High-capacity USB

A tough, stylish USB drive you can hang on your keyring and take everywhere, it won't break and there will be times when having a thumb drive close by will be certainly useful.

M100 camera (Recommended)

Canon M100 Mirrorless Camera

This is the M50's little brother, very compact, I would have considered buying it over the M50 if it had a microphone jack incorporated. Great camera if you want something small that will do everything and take different lenses.

Psychology Today – Article Website / Magazine

Psychology Today is chock full of articles to help you grow and understand yourself better.

Simpsons Hit & Run (XBOX & XBOX360)

If you can pick up a copy of this game it should still work on Xbox 360 even though itโ€™s an original Xbox game (Mine did). I used to play this with my son, not sure we ever finished it though! It's great fun...

Nutri Ninja w/ Auto IQ

The Ninja is great for making smoothies and pureeing stuff, I use mine all the time, it's not one of these products you buy that ends up at the back of the cupboard taking up space.

ALDI – Dentitex Sensitive Plus Whitening Toothpaste 110g

The only sensitive toothpaste you can buy under $7000, it's available at Aldi and works great.

Specsavers – Mens $39 glasses w/ Prescription.

I lose my glasses too often so the days of spending $300 on a pair of specs are over. Specsavers have a great range of cheap frame worth looking at, the prescription lenses and eye tests are covered under Medicare and if you say no to all the upselling, you can get a pair of prescription specs for $39, bargain!

Telstra TV / Roku Streaming Device

The Roku is branded as Telstra TV in Australia, it allows you to watch a range of streaming services on your TV over wifi, you don't need a Telstra account to use it. It's a great product and cheap enough.

WAHL Beard/Hair Trimmer Combo

I used to shave then leave it a month and shave again, but it's inconsistent, I keep my look in check with a beard trimmer. You can't clip your beard with a hair trimmer because you can't get in around the nose. I do all my grooming myself including trimming my hair, it saves bucks. If you buy a cheap grooming set it won't do the job, get yourself a good set which will last.

DELL INSPIRON 15-7000 Tablet/Laptop (2 in 1)

This trusty laptop gets a flogging from me, and it hasn't let me down.

Plain Tees

Why you gotta go round with logos on ya shirt, go the plain tees!

Aldi Mobile (Value Pack)

I use a lot of data but all through wifi, not some much on my phone, the Aldi S Value pack gives me unlimited calls and texts and 2.5Gig of data for $15 a month. It's a steal.


A classic game that my wife and I enjoyed playing together until she got a huge score and retired! **** 4Stars

Gorilla Pod

This little bad boy is what vloggers use to record themselves, it keeps the camera/phone further away from your face when holding it up, so you can get more background in the picture. You can also place it on a table, or hook it onto a pole. It's a must-have tool for vloggers


I have sleep apnea so I can get this with a script, you can't get it legally otherwise, but there are plenty of overseas sites that you can buy it through if you know how to pay with cryptocurrency. Without Modafinil I wouldn't get half as much done, it keeps me alert and focused for longer without making me jittery.

Industrial Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Nizoral 2%)

When you've got the type of head that Head and Shoulders can't cure, this is the stuff to use, it's not cheap but you don't have to use much to see results.

Swatch Watches

While I admit some swatch design are a bit kitsch, there are plenty of designs which are just amazing, and they are solid and last. I've had at least 5 swatches over the years, my last one is called "Windfall", it's a nice watch.

KEJI 64 Page Blank Scrapbooks (70cents)

If I'm working on a project I'll print out info from the web or what I've written down (Ideas, Lists, How-To's, Examples, Inspiration) and use these scrapbooks to stick it all together.

Mens Closed-Toe Sandals

If you've got manky little hobbit feet like mine, closed toe sandals are for you. Really, who wants to see toes. I recommend you get a pair, it was good enough for Jesus!

Codenames Duet – Board Game

Love Codenames (Best Ever). Looking forward to getting my hands on Codenames Duet.


I absolutely love this game, itโ€™s my favourite of all time, along with the game โ€œSmart Assโ€. Itโ€™s a great present idea! ***** 5 Stars

Tripod Phone Clip

Put your phone on a tripod easily or attach it to a gorilla pod and do some vlogging, I do both, they cost almost nothing and are very handy indeed.

6477 Flexfit Blank Caps

I've worn these caps for years, good shape, good colours, no stupid advertising or logos, no straps, easy to curve, not flat brim. ***** 5Stars

Sandisk Extreme SD Card

If you're going to be shooting video at 1080P or about you need a high-speed, high-capacity SD card otherwise things will go wrong. I learned this the hard way.

Heron Nicaway Nicotine Lozenge

These lozenges are the best nicotine replacement product by far, the gum is messy and uncouth, other lozenges are tiny, dissolve a lot quicker and really hard not to chew, and everything else is too expensive, these are $20 a pack at Coles in 2mg or 4mg.

Taylors Satay

I put this shit on everything! I keep it in the fridge and use it as a condiment when I'm not making meals out of it. It's a strong flavour so it's not for everyone, but I can't get enough of it. (Available at Woolworths)


Iโ€™ve got myself a copy, havenโ€™t had a chance to play it but some say itโ€™s better for than the original, and one that even an eight-year-old can enjoy!


The Shield TV is the best Android TV platform by far by the looks of it. I purchased a cheap $100 no-name Android TV which is just really buggy and the user control is crap, the only benefit is it comes with SHOWBOX, I'm not sure whether you can install SHOWBOX on Sheild TV, but I do wish I forked out the extra cash for it. The shield is still a great price for what it is and does.

Cards Against Humanity

People rave about this game, I haven't played it but it's on my Christmas list, can't wait!

Sistema ‘Klip It’ Jug

These jugs are great! We have 4 to ensure we are never short of cold water.

Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera

This is my new camera I shoot video with, it's awesome, it's great value for what it does and I know it's will cover all my video an photography needs.

Canesten Cream

This stuff is a must have around the house, if I have any sort of rash or red area on my body including my face, I make the assumption it's some sort of fungus and use this stuff and I'm usually right.