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Telstra TV / Roku Streaming Device

The Roku is branded as Telstra TV in Australia, it allows you to watch a range of streaming services on your TV over wifi, you don't need a Telstra account to use it. It's a great product and cheap enough.

HP Metal Clip High-capacity USB

A tough, stylish USB drive you can hang on your keyring and take everywhere, it won't break and there will be times when having a thumb drive close by will be certainly useful.


The Shield TV is the best Android TV platform by far by the looks of it. I purchased a cheap $100 no-name Android TV which is just really buggy and the user control is crap, the only benefit is it comes with SHOWBOX, I'm not sure whether you can install SHOWBOX on Sheild TV, but I do wish I forked out the extra cash for it. The shield is still a great price for what it is and does.

Tripod Phone Clip

Put your phone on a tripod easily or attach it to a gorilla pod and do some vlogging, I do both, they cost almost nothing and are very handy indeed.


If you’ve got β€œExploding Kittens” I recommend the expansion pack to spice up the game! **** 4.5 Stars


I’ve got myself a copy, haven’t had a chance to play it but some say it’s better for than the original, and one that even an eight-year-old can enjoy!

Cards Against Humanity

People rave about this game, I haven't played it but it's on my Christmas list, can't wait!

Codenames Duet – Board Game

Love Codenames (Best Ever). Looking forward to getting my hands on Codenames Duet.


I absolutely love this game, it’s my favourite of all time, along with the game β€œSmart Ass”. It’s a great present idea! ***** 5 Stars

Nutri Ninja w/ Auto IQ

The Ninja is great for making smoothies and pureeing stuff, I use mine all the time, it's not one of these products you buy that ends up at the back of the cupboard taking up space.

Smart Ass – Board Game

My Father-inLaw has this game and I absolutely enjoy playing it, I'm not good at it but it is heaps of fun. If you're good at trivia you'll love it too.


A classic game that my wife and I enjoyed playing together until she got a huge score and retired! **** 4Stars

WAHL Beard/Hair Trimmer Combo

I used to shave then leave it a month and shave again, but it's inconsistent, I keep my look in check with a beard trimmer. You can't clip your beard with a hair trimmer because you can't get in around the nose. I do all my grooming myself including trimming my hair, it saves bucks. If you buy a cheap grooming set it won't do the job, get yourself a good set which will last.


This is a perla of a little card game. Well worth the money and with the β€œImploding Kittens” expansion pack you can have even more fun! **** 4 Stars

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