Website Design & Hosting Services

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As a freelance website designer Ricky helps businesses and individuals get online at a reasonable cost with good results.


Most of Ricky's clients do business in Dubbo and the wider region. He has worked with notable clients such as Picton Bros, Shearing Supplies NSW, Dubbo Taxi Service, Ruffnuts Seat Covers, Colour Copy Shop and the Workmate Workwear group of stores.

What's the price?

$2999 Includes everything.

One year of hosting and maintenance included free.

What do you get?

  • Modern website using the latest software.
  • Fully search engine optimised
  • Mobile & Tablet versions
  • Easy to use content management system
  • Submission to Google & Bing
  • Custom design unique to your business needs
  • Includes multi-use configurable template (Value: $97)

What are the ongoing cost?

Hosting, Email, Domain & Support Service - $300/Year

What does the ongoing cost cover?

  • Website hosting (Unlimited bandwidth)
  • Email hosting (Up to 10 accounts) utilising your domain name.
  • 2 x Domain names (
  • 6 Monthly security & software updates and checkups
  • Ongoing email and server support
  • No-cost content updates (within reason)
  • Free advice
Frequently Asked Questions?

I’m generally juggling a list of projects so if you need your site built by next Wednesday, I’m not your man. The process can take up to 3 months before your site is available to the public.

I design all my sites in Wordpress using the Uncode Theme. Wordpress allows me to create a unique modern functional website that loads fast and is fully optimisable for the best search results. I ensure all the software on the server is kept up to date so everything stays functional and the sites are fully secured.

I generally work with the Uncode Template for Wordpress. It utilises a layout tool called WP Bakery which allows me to design unique sites which look stunning, are animated, without compromising functionality. If you have another template in mind, let me know and I’ll give it a go.

You can write your own copy for the site or you can send me a list in dot point form based on a list of question I give you. If you have existing marketing materials, that would be useful as well.

I do all the planning and design for all my client’s websites. My wife Elizabeth, sometimes helps with ad-copy. I also turn to third-parties if I need a piece of code to be written that I can’t write myself or if the website has a problem that I’m having trouble solving I will seek out help, but in most cases, this is not needed. Any costs incurred when building a site is not past onto the client.

After payment for the build of the site, the site is yours with no licence fees. You are welcome to move to another host at any time, you will need to organise someone to do the changeover and I will give them access to grab everything off the server. The yearly hosting and support fee is paid at the start of the financial year, you will not receive a refund on your fee if you change your host throughout the year.

Yes, I’m generally busy juggling projects so it might not happen the second you ask unless it is a critical issue relating to your website or emails, in which case you request will be handled ASAP.

For small tweaks, edits and updates, it is covered in your hosting and support fee. This does not include copywriting or graphic design. My rates outside what is covered in your hosting and support fee are $32.50 per half hour. It is up to my discretion whether a change is covered by your support fee.

Definitely, because Wordpress is so popular, there are plenty of “How to” articles and videos online.

Sure. This is not covered by the hosting and support fee as most people just would rather email me the change and let me edit the site for them and so I’ve structured my services around that model. My training fee is the same as my work rate: $32.50/Half hour. There are plenty of videos tutorials online if you want to learn yourself.

I design my sites on my server because I know it’s using the latest server software and I know that when I install the latest Wordpress version on the server I’m not going to have to deal with issues that waste time that I could be spending on making the best site possible for the client. You can move to another host after the site is built, many servers use the same software, but if you go to a cheap host generally they don’t have the configuration to turn certain things on or off on the server that are necessary for the types of site I build and the different bits of software I use, also cheap hosts don’t update to the latest software as often, if at all.

Yes, You tell me what accounts you want and I can create them. I can either send you the settings and you add them to your email client i.e Outlook, or I can come to you and configure your phones and computers myself at my standard rate of $32.50/Half Hour

Yes, if you do not wish to have your emails hosted on the server, I can set them up on Microsoft or Google email services (Although you will, of course, have to pay them for the privilege). I generally recommend if you don’t want to host your emails on the server with your website, you use Zoho Mail as a great free alternative for hosting personalised emails. eg.